Taking out Singles Braids Quickly

1. Step One

remove whatever is fastening the braid, i.e., rubber band, clippie, beads, etc...

2. Step Two

Hold the braid in your hand opposite of your dominating hand, (i.e, if you are right handed, hold the braid in your left hand, and vice versa) with your dominating hand, use your thumb to loosen the end of the braid by applying pressure to the center of the braid and run your thumb down the middle til you get to the end of the braid, you want to start this right about a half to an 8th of an inch from the bottom of the braid. This will cause the braid to start unravelling.

3. Step Three

Once the braid begins to unravel, you want to take the 2 outer strands of the braid and just pull them slightly apart in opposite directions.
So, with there being 3 strands in a braid, one in the middle and one to each side, you want to take the strands to each side of the one down the middle. Like when something is wound up tight and then released, the effect is rapid, or when letting go of a balloon that has air in it, but has not been tied at the end causes the balloon to zip around the room at a quick speed until it is out of air, the effect of undoing braids in this fashion holds the same concept. Undoing braids this way is extremely fast, because when you pull on the two strands, pulling them in opposite directions makes the strand in the middle have nothing to hold onto, and in a swift circular motion, the strand of hair in the middle will unravel in a matter of seconds.

4. Step Four

The braid will stop unravelling about halfway up the braid, you then, just adjust your hands to hold the 2 strands of hair closer up near to where the braid stopped unravelling, and pull the two strands of hair apart again as you did in the beginning, thus, causing the rest of the braid to come unravelled. when it reached the scalp just make sure the hair where the braid began is not overlapped with the other strands by picking them apart loosening the hair back to its normal position.

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • If you applied hair grease to your hair prior to braiding them this process will be much quicker and less apt to stop unravelling half way up.
  • Undoing micro-braids depending on how many, (but usually there are anywhere from 50 to 100) can cause your hair to break, if you have dry brittle hair, you may want to apply some conditioning hair grease over the braids (if you haven't done so Before braiding) before taking them out, and also allow at least 30 to 45 minutes to remove all the braids, give or take a few minutes depending on the number of braids on the head.